Approach AEDevStudio

Below are the basic principles of AEDevStudio approach to strategy and implementation of the project.

Discussion draft

Let's discuss

After receiving the project description, the team AEDevStudio negotiating with the client, studying with him every detail and considering the whole entire idea of the project.

Time to investigate

Learn all the details of the project, is it enough? Of course not! Team AEDevStudio also analyzes his client, his target audience, explores the situation on the market, the competitors and each individual feature of your client to create a product that really Express and reflect the uniqueness of the client.

Research project
Choice-of-concept web site

Select the best

Get the best result by choosing from several options, the team AEDevStudio takes the project further the process of brainstorming and analyzing, planning and drawing up sketches of each part of the project.

Ideas become reality

Time to bring Your ideas to life. From the creation of your project from sketches to achieve initial results and further improvements as long as the prototypes are ready for assessment.

From sketches to finished project
Test web site


Before the final delivery of the project, the team AEDevStudio will use various tools such as A/B testing, key performance indicators, customer feedback, make notes and comprehensive assessment of the final prototypes in the process of further improvement of the project.

Final stage

Before you take the final product to the customer, the team AEDevStudio presents product and other related details including the user in his work.

Final stage of web site development
Cooperation and support of the existing website

Cooperation and support

Delivery of the product is not the end! This is only the beginning of a trusting and productive relationship between AEDevStudio and the customer.