Terms and Conditions

Last modified: April 04, 2016


Policy and the principles set out below apply to all customers AEDevStudio. AEDevStudio asks all customers to adhere to execution of each agreement. Services AEDevStudio are licensed to customers based on approval of all terms and conditions listed below.

Please read the agreement carefully before starting to use the service. Clicking "I agree" at the end of this agreement means that the client fully agrees to comply with all the conditions set out therein.

Terms and Conditions

- It is prohibited to transmit, store or provide any data or information on any materials that violate Ukrainian legislation, or any other traditions and customs.

- All services provided AEDevStudio are used only in a legal framework.

- Receipt or use of the service AEDevStudio means that You agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement.

- AEDevStudio may at any time amend the terms of this agreement. AEDevStudio guarantee to notify the customer of any amendments.

- Client pays for the service by the time when ordering the service.

- In the case of renewal of website:

1. The client is obliged to renew it within the period specified in his account. The client must be notified of the extension within 30 days.

2. If the client does not request renewal, the backup is saved on the web client site on the server AEDevStudio a maximum of 14 days.

3. The access to the account is prohibited for 48 hours from the date of renewal. In case of customer's request to reactivate the account and receive backups of your web site, 50€ is charged as a fee for reactivation.

- AEDevStudio is not responsible for any delays in financial transfers or Bank deposits/Deposit/down payment.

- Payment of the Deposit/Deposit/payment to Bank account AEDevStudio notice of Deposit is sent to accounting AEDevStudio for no more than 72 hours.

- AEDevStudio shall not be liable under any circumstances for any of the commercial agreements from the ticketing system AEDevStudio or emails on the website AEDevStudio.

- AEDevStudio under no circumstances does not require clients to send information in any way, except for surveys AEDevStudio.

- AEDevStudio has the right, according to the interests AEDevStudio, to refuse, terminate or cancel any contract.

Customer rights

- Company AEDevStudio required to provide efficient, quality service and to guarantee the rights of clients who are written in the contract concluded with the customer.

- Company AEDevStudio required to ensure the stability of the servers under any circumstances.

- Company AEDevStudio obliged to store personal information and client information and never provide it to third parties, unless in the case of formal written permission from the government or international authority. In this case, the customer will be notified about such a situation.

- AEDevStudio maintains a list of services and special offers, announced on the official website AEDevStudio.

- In case of interruption of service, required to make compensation to the client at the time when services were interrupted.

- Company AEDevStudio should provide services at the exact time agreed with the customer.

- AEDevStudio provides its services so that clients feel comfortable and they do not have to make an extra effort.

- AEDevStudio pursues an open policy of informing the customer about the status of the hosting server.

Terms of design

- The client has the right to choose the design, colors and shapes that he wants, with the proviso that such a design would not violate the law.

- Templates and final design are created in PNG format. The client has no right to use the images used in these templates.

- The customer has the right to require modifications of design before approval of the final design.

- The client has the right to reject the design only after checking on the condition that the customer will provide justification for such refusal. Then the client should provide specific information and description for the new template design.

- Programming and coding of the project starts after client approval of the final design.

- AEDevStudio not be liable to the client in the areas of modifications, once the project is brought to the customer on the agreed contract.

- AEDevStudio is not responsible for the design in case any modifications, diversions or modifications caused by the owner / client of the website or any third party.

- AEDevStudio is not responsible for design and hosting in case of failure/defect caused by other company/third party which the customer provides such a design.

- The client must pay half the sum agreed in the contract to the beginning of the project. The rest is paid upon provision of the final draft.

- Project period begins with the date of the first payment.

- Provision of a project can be delayed maximum for a period of 7 days if it is because of the unusual nature of the design services and requirements.

- AEDevStudio accepts no liability in relation to any changes in the code, caused by the customer or any other developer related AEDevStudio.

- Client should not publish the design without attribution AEDevStudio included in it. If the customer violates copyright AEDevStudio, AEDevStudio has the right to publish the same design for free.

- An additional 40% of the total payment of the project should be paid in the event that the client requires freedom AEDevStudio copyright of this design.

- The client is solely responsible for the backup of the web site. AEDevStudio is not responsible for losses caused by copying a backup of the website caused by any hacker attacks and invalid permissions to backup files and folders.

Hosting Conditions

- It is prohibited to transmit, store or provide any data or information about materials that violate Ukrainian legislation, the copyright ownership or patents.

- Prohibits the establishment or support of web sites promoting illegal activity, racism, ideological extremism, degradation of the religions and / or any threat to humans.

- Do not upload files that contain viruses or SSH, for the purpose of stealing information or causing damage. In the case that the client downloads the files such the web site needs to be closed.

- Is forbidden to publish any software applications associated with hacking or any training materials on hacking and piracy.

- It is prohibited to cause any damage any web site hosted on AEDevStudio, or servers AEDevStudio.

- It is strictly forbidden to use servers AEDevStudio to send advertising or spam advertising web sites or products.

- It is prohibited to send spam and other unsolicited messages, including messages on the mailing list with the permission of the recipients. It is a violation of international laws and laws that call into question legal liability AEDevStudio. In such a case, the web site should be immediately closed.

- AEDevStudio has the right at any time to change or modify the price lists and services. This modification can be applied to new projects web site, or in the case of the extension of the project, but not to sites that have already been ordered prior to all modifications.

- AEDevStudio will provide daily, weekly and monthly backup files of web sites for clients, if necessary. The client is solely responsible for the backup of the web site. AEDevStudio is not responsible for damage caused to a backup web site for any hacker attacks and invalid permissions on backup files and folders.

- If the client has not requested subscription to the web site 7 days prior to the expiration of the period AEDevStudio will be forced to cancel the reservation server. After that, the client cannot claim any financial rights or backup web sites.

- If the client will not pay for services rendered, AEDevStudio has the right to terminate any services provided to the customer, as long as it does not provide for the payment of services in full.

- AEDevStudio provides protection of the client's site, protecting the site from leakage of the content even if AEDevStudio deactivate the subscription to the web site. AEDevStudio must provide a copy of such a web site client.

- AEDevStudio has the right to refuse placement of any website that violated the policy AEDevStudio, without any justification and / or reasons.

- In order to keep high quality standards of services AEDevStudio has the right to suspend your subscription for any web site in case of violation of the terms of use, and FUP, and also cause temporary or permanent damage to the AEDevStudio services provided to the websites of other clients.

Payment Terms

Policy refund:

- Refund will be given if payment has been completed before providing services.

- At the expiration of 30 days from the receipt of services, refund is not possible.

- Bank charges and commissions are deducted from the set amount.

- In the case of a breach by customer of any terms and/or provisions stated in the agreement, a refund is not possible.

- No refund is available up until the e-mail registered in the mailing list AEDevStudio will not be sent a formal written request from the client, and then while there is no confirmation of refund request via telephone call to the client, the number was in the system AEDevStudio.