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Create UTM tags for advertising in Google, Facebook, Yandex, Vkontakte, My Target (, and other advertising companies in a couple of clicks. In the our UTM generator - AE UTM Builder, errors in tags will be corrected automatically, which means that you will collect the correct statistics for advertising campaigns.

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Help: Google Adwords Dynamic Insertion Options

Parameter The system will replace this instead of {parameter}
{keyword} The focus keyword that the ad was displayed for
{placement} The domain of the site from which the ad was clicked
{creative} Ad ID
{network} Where did the click come from: from Google Search, from a search partner, or from the display network (the letters g, s, and d, respectively)
{matchtype} Keyword match type: exact, phrasal or broad (letters e, p, and b, respectively)
{adposition} The position of your ad on the page, marked as 1t2, indicates that the ad is in position 2 at the top of page 1
{device} From which device did the click come: from a mobile phone, tablet PC, or desktop / laptop computer. (the letters m, t, and c, respectively)
{devicemodel} Make and model of the device (for example, Apple+iPhone), if the click was from a phone or tablet
{target} The category to which the accommodation in the CMC belongs (for example, travel or sports)

Help: Yandex Dynamic Insert parameters.Yandex.Direct

Parameter The system will replace this instead of {parameter}
{keyword} The focus keyword that the ad was displayed for

The type of site where the ad was displayed:

  • search - search platform
  • context - thematic platform
{source} Domain of the Yandex.Direct platform

Block type, if the display occurred on a page with Yandex search results:

  • premium – special placement
  • other – the block at the bottom
  • none – the block is not on Yandex search

The exact position of the ad in the block

  • position number in the block
  • 0 – if the ad was shown on the Yandex.Direct theme site
{addphrases} A click from "additional relevant phrases"? ("yes" or "no")
{campaign_id} Ad (ID) campaign number
{ad_id} или {banner_id} Ad (ID) number
{phrase_id} Focus keyword (ID) number
{retargeting_id} Retargeting (ID) condition number
{gbid} Group (ID) number

Help: Facebook Dynamic Insert Settings

Parameter The system will replace this instead of {parameter}
{{}} Ad ID
{{}} ID of the ad group
{{}} Campaign ID
{{}} Ad Name
{{}} Name of the ad set
{{}} Campaign name