Web Design

Offer your customers a unique user interface design and interactive UX for your website

Web Design creation

Attractive, efficient, reliable

It is not just about beautiful design and design that will "hook" Your customer. This is such design, in which the users will enjoy the pastime in the vast content of Your website.

Actual trends

We are always up to date with all the latest innovations and trends in the Web world to provide its customers with websites which Your audience will be pleased and comfortable to work.

All inclusive

Do You know what Your customers use: tablet computers, smartphones or laptops? We can assure You that no matter what device they use - they will be pleased with Your website.


AEDevStudio provides interactive web sites that are focused on interaction with their audience, Your customers will love it!

Таргетинг в веб дизайне


  • - Customer goals
  • - Target Audience
  • - Status on the market
  • - Constrains
Исследование и анализ в веб дизайне

Research and analysis

  • - User Research
  • - User behavior
  • - Analysis of competitors
Планирование веб дизайна


  • - Trends and colors
  • - Strategy content
  • - Branding strategy
  • - Typography
  • - Time - frame
Мозговой штурм веб дизайн
Создание веб дизайна


  • Thumbnails
  • - Templates
  • - Navigational concepts and signs
  • - Key
  • - Illustration
  • - Prototypes
Тестирование веб дизайна


  • - Layout
  • - Testing the "usability"
  • - Expert rating
  • - A/B testing
  • - Psychological and physical aspects (color, shape, ergonomics, etc.)
  • - User reviews
Заверщающий этап в веб дизайне

Final stage

  • - Order
  • - Package
  • - Documentation
Как строится веб дизайн


Web site supports all modern browsers and is suitable for any process environment.

Crystal clear

Let Your audience will get an incomparable experience of site navigation easy and intuitive access to any page.


it is not Enough to have good content, it needs to be well organized. Get the content organized so that Your audience was interested in him.

It's all about the users

UX is all about how the user is satisfied, since the ease of use of the website and the speed to achieve the purpose for which the user has visited Your website.

websites - it's not just online content on a single page.

Providing services for individuals or large corporations, we design for all types of users with coherent and interlinked pages.

Corporate website

Create an online platform for your company so that to display the actual size of your business to your customers.

online shopping

do Not limit your market physical part, attract more customers using the Internet. Just run your online store.

Personal website

Create a website that will reflect Your personality, Your character and personality, and generally tell the world about yourself.


Create pleasant and easy to use forum, which will ensure the satisfaction of users and visitors.

Создание протопипов веб дизайн

Examples of our developed sites

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