We believe that we can change the culture and make the world a better place. This goal can be achieved by designing high quality products through which values are passed on and influence on society.

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Principles AEDevStudio

Members of a professional IT team AEDevStudio strong in the way of gaining its leading position in the IT industry. Our team for many years made all their efforts to achieve this goal. Currently, this experience is transformed into principles that are used daily in AEDevStudio. We will gladly share with you the essence of this experience in the 8 principles below:

1 - World is changing fast.
Information technologies are constantly evolving and becoming "smarter". We take this fact as a basis for AEDevStudio services. Thus, AEDevStudio uses the most modern technology, providing the best services in the market.
2 - Is there a problem? Hence, a solution is perfect for You.
There is a solution to every problem, but we have You will find the best solution for any problem. Team AEDevStudio never provides solutions not yet examines the problem of the middle and will explore all aspects of it to achieve the perfect a satisfactory solution.
3 - There is always reinforced the fierce competition.
AEDevStudio believes that competition will always benefit the industry and customers because it leads to further development and improvement. Thus, AEDevStudio always aims to provide the most competitive services to be the primary choice of its customers.
4 - Path to success is through hard and diligent work.
no Matter how many obstacles and setbacks faced team AEDevStudio, we always have strength, vitality, hard work and belief that success is always waiting for us "at the end of the tunnel".
5 - Currency real cost of replacing counterfeit.
Products with less value and lower prices are widespread. However, the more of these products in the market, the more valuable high quality products. AEDevStudio does not provide and will never provide low quality products.
6 - Time is not money, it is much more expensive.
AEDevStudio really appreciates the time, especially customers. Although clients often require their projects were finalized "as soon as possible" AEDevStudio need time to consider all of the elements and details.
7 - Good planning increases the performance.
Many believe that planning is nesmetnoe value when it comes to web projects. However, our team believes that to achieve a successful project requires really good planning. Good planning involves many elements: target audience, content etc.
8 - Principles and ethics - a valuable "currency" in force at all times.
While the main thread violates a copyright, AEDevSudio insists on fighting all these violations. We, prinimaem into account copyright and other intellectual property rights, acquired all images, icons, and other materials used in services and projects.

We have formed our, above, the principle of long experience, because we want to keep up with all the new, to change the culture towards information technology. And we always strive to achieve and implement this objective, despite the tough competition that cost us great sacrifices, because we believe that success does not come by chance, but is the result of unity and diligence.